The Gamblers Table

Greetings Earthlings! Rev here with the monthly Rev’s Ramble for August, and it has been a hot one lately here in my small town located along the southern Oregon coast. Making some of my famous (mostly in my own mind) spaghetti that takes a whole day to make, and wow, is it good! Can’t wait to have some for dinner tonight, yum!
lots-of-flowering-and-breeding-going-on-under-plasma-lighting I have a few of each of the new releases, Dark Rhino and Dark Dragon up out of the ground and looking good; just want to check ‘em out myself, as with anything KOS releases. But D and I are talking about releasing a very limited number of packs of these—at a very cheap price—for you gamblers out there, allowing you to get a really good deal before I actually know what these genetics can do. Now in all honesty I very rarely am off my mark and with everything I have made breeding over the last 3 decades I can count on one hand the number of varieties that didn’t make the cut and weren’t killer. So there are good odds for any “gamblers” out there and a really good price for the “brave” customers who want to take advantage of these early releases. Just keep in mind we will only let a VERY small number of packs of each variety (Dark Dragon & Dark Rhino) so if you are gonna pull the trigger, so to speak, better do it fast, heh heh. Not really a big gamble at all, if you ask me, LoL.
The Iron Cindy inbreeding project is really going well, and at the time of this writing there are about 40 days left until we will have some of these Iron Cindy f2 beans, and we will be releasing these as well, again, at a great price to the KOS consumer fully-pollinated-and-seeded-iron-cindy-500w-plasma-2nation!
Next up as far as the next new genetics I will be breaking out to work with will be KOS’ Cherry Hemmingway, and KOS’ Blou Bart; I made each of these hybrid varieties about a decade ago, specifically to work in the future, due to each of these having some very special expressions that run homogeneous in them, and if you are a breeder, then you know how awesome that is.
Well I had better go give the simmering spaghetti another love-stir and water some plants, watch for the new “Gamblers Section” here at KOS soon; so until next month, L8r G8rs!