KOS – The Tombs

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  • Breeder: Kingdom Organic Seeds (KOS)
  • Lineage: Iron Cindy (m) x Blue Rhino 1947
  • Lighting: MH/LED/T5/Plasma
  • Recommended Growing Style: TLO (True Living Organics)
  • Photoperiods: Sprouting 16/8, Veg 18/6, Flowering 11.5/12.5
  • Yield: Unknown but probably an Average Yield
  • Flowering Time Indoors: 66 – 70 days depending on personal taste
  • Harvest Outdoors: Mid/Late October in Northern Hemisphere

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Some of you will remember this variety I used for the mommy in this cross, the BR1947, and I made her so long ago I was still Magick Kingdom Seeds, before changed it to KOS, and many of you know the Iron Cindy and her stunning potential, here’s some details about the parents:

I tested the Iron Cindy male in my “Iron Maiden” tent of torture, where I stress the plant several ways including over pruning, heat, and drought, and he passed and always bounced back fast with flying colors. The Iron Cindy is a hybrid of Dutch Flower’s Metal Haze and my C99 (male). Bringing to the table some serious yields, along with some sharp Hazey and overripe figs as far as the flavoring and smells go. Hearty and highly adaptable, that’s the way we like ‘em.

The Blue Rhino 1947 is the female in this cross, and she possesses some very outstanding qualities that more often than not, are expressed in her offspring. The first one is that she gets very dense (I mean yikes dense) buds and yet also deals with mold outdoors very well, especially the Bud Rot type so I would expect some good resistances in The Tombs as well. The second one is that she possesses a very unique muscle spasm calming quality that I can attest to personally, and one of the reasons I like this baybee around.

The Tombs is sure to be a “daywrecker” type with extreme ptency almost certainly. The BR1947’s berrylicous flavors and smells should blend uber exotic with the Iron Cindy influences.

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5 reviews for KOS – The Tombs

  1. lowprofile

    Grew these strictly TLO outdoors in 2016. Out of ten seeds, we got 7 females, 5 survived floods, falling trees, ravenous deer, and about a 2 weeks of rains with temps in the 80’s in October where it seemed like everything was turning to mold. Only had 2-3 very small mold spots on one bud on a year when my cucumbers and tomatoes practically dissolved from runaway mold.

    I kept strapping them down sideways for stealth and they kept getting bushier.
    Excellent yield, delicious on cure, and great fun.
    Terrific high whether doobie, bong, or brownies.
    I’m not a vaper, just a stubborn old man. 😉
    I gifted some to a friend who said he lit a bowl before he went to mow and then spent 3 hours sitting immobilized on his shutdown tractor watching the critters play in the fields.

    After having some for going on 2 years in the deep freeze, the quality is still there.

  2. Connor (verified owner)

    Amazing so dank and purple color best seeds I’ve bought hands down !!!

  3. Connor Collins

    We like smoke this layered with Focus Pocus. Makes it less of a daywrecker, good for playing video games with friends cause it keeps the competitiveness a bit lower so no sore winners or losers 🙂

  4. rickedge69

    great strain grows nice nugs will update on harvest

  5. Big Bro Dro

    I have 6 seeds of this from a zip my buddy Matty gifted me. I’ve been saving them, 8 Coma cluster, 6 Sky Anchor, 5 Iron Cindy and 5 Lemon Chems. I’m about to Crack 3 of these Tombs. I wanted to wait until I got my skills. Will post again in 6 months

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