KOS – Dark Forrest


NAME: Dark Forrest F1 hybrid
LINEAGE: Deep Chunk Afghani Hashplant x Black Forrest Jungle Sativa
YIELD/SIZE: Large/Huge Yields, Large/Huge Sized Plants
SMELLS: Acrid Cat Pissy, Fuel/Honey Oil, Nag Champa, and Extremely Pungent
FLAVORS: Same as the Smells, Powerful One-of-a-Kind Flavors
PHOTOPERIODS: Sprouting 16/8 (or 12/12 for first 10 days), Veg 18/6, Flowering 12/12
SATIVA/INDICA/RUDI RATIOS: Straight Up Old-World Hybrid 50/50, Sativa/Indica
HARVEST OUTDOORS: 1st Half of November – Northern Hemisphere
BREEDING STYLE: Regular Seeds – Using Real Males and Real Females


Dark Forrest by Kingdom Organic Seeds

Clash of the titans here my friends, pure and simple. Old-World wonders colliding in this extremely rare and exotic release from KOS. A breeder’s toolbox here of two totally diverse and extremely powerful worlds of cannabis lineage coming together. 

The flowering time could end up a little longer than 12 weeks, but all the Dark Forrest should be pretty uniform with regards to flowering time. I recommend that if you get these, to plan on larger container sizes than you would normally use. About 20% larger.

This one has everything it needs to be a true ‘Daywrecker’ type. Intense and extremely potent resin with very long legs (effects last about 3 to 6 hours). Warning to those that get paranoid that this could easily be one of those that freaks you out—both parents are super intense, and the Vietnam in the Dark Forrest has almost psychoactive properties she is so intense. 

This cross is a breeder’s delight being a true 3-way hybrid using 95%+ heirloom/IBL/landrace genetics. The F2s will offer up some extreme recombinations to be sure. Yowza!


Male Breeder(s) Deets: 3 superior males of Deep Chunk were the paternal P1s in this cross. I chose 3 very aggressive males that were very hearty with large floral formations, and all had excellent resin potential properties regarding both terpenes and raw resin production. 1 large purple male, 1 medium green male, and a crazy vigorous huge green male were all used. 

Female Breeder Deets: 1 selected beautiful Black Forrest individual female (see below) as the maternal P1 in this cross.  This female leans so heavy towards the Vietnam Black that she is almost indistinguishable from the original line. Her flowering time was every bit of 16 weeks. Huge resin production with very gooey, large, and dense flowers. 


The Black Forrest hybrid is an F1 cross between a Vietnam Black (landrace female) and a Cherry Bomb (F3 male). The Cherry Bomb was out of Hawaii and was a cross between 3 killer Hawaiian sativa dominant strains and a Cherry AK47. I made this original Black Forrest cross about 2 decades ago. Look for KOS’ release of Black Forrest F2s in the near future.

Growing Instructions

Make no mistake here my esteemed homeskillets, the Dark Forrest hybrid will take some real skills to grow in containers, and especially indoors. Outdoors, you will likely be more concerned with trying to contain her. The Black Forrest maternal P1 is a beast like you may have never seen before. Don’t waste your money here if you are an indoor grower with little or no experience with heirloom/landrace type sativas. 

The Dark Forrest will not be too good with rapid pH fluctuations and/or heavy feeding, and therefore may not be too happy if you use classic fertilization styles. All-Natural/Organic slow-feed is the style you will want here, unless you have mad experience with liquid organics AND landrace/heirloom sativas, but you will need a somewhat lighter touch here. 

She will almost demand intense lighting and higher temperatures. Both of the p1 breeders are massive heat lovers. The Deep Chunk has an issue with pH being below 6.8, but the Black Forrest doesn’t have any issues with heat, pH ranges, or even severe drought. All the offspring should be generally uniform and leaning towards the Black Forrest; however, the Deep Chunk is no slouch when it comes to being a very long IBL line itself. 

Please do not sprout these on a 24/0 photoperiod and KOS recommends 16/8 for sprouting and until 30 days old. Then switch to 18/6. Using a flowering photoperiod of 12/12 on sprouts for their first 10 days above ground, then switching them to an 18/6 photoperiod will allow you to easily sex them at 30 days of age—give or take 3 days

Always allow plants to get at least 55 days old from sprouting, before starting to flower for maximum resin production. Plants grown from seed work much better outdoors in the ground than clones do. Alternately, clones work much better in containers than plants from seeds do. Sprout seeds in ambient temps of 77 – 87 deg. F. Obviously KOS always recommends organically growing our gear in living soil for the full appreciation of smells and flavors, among many other reasons—cheers


You will want to germinate these seeds with some warmth going on. These plants will be “hogs” when it comes to water needs in hot grow rooms if they are happy. Likewise, outdoors. The female P1 Black Forrest female used in this cross was a true gem. Her influence will be significant, but the Deep Chunk P1s are also going to play a large part. F2ing the Dark Forrest will literally be a breeder’s toolbox of kickass and highly adaptive genetics. The Vietnamese lineage is a true beast of a cannabis plant that is essentially resistant to anything, save rapid pH fluctuations/overfeeding. It is possible flowering times could be a bit longer or a bit shorter, depending upon light intensity used during veg and flowering.

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