KOS – Katanga Sativa

  • NAME: Katanga Sativa
  • GROWING/BREEDING STYLE: True Living Organics (TLO)
  • LINE: Cherry Malawi x Cindy Congo
  • PHOTOPERIODS: Sprouting 16/8, Veg 18/6, Flowering 11.5/12.5
  • SMELLS: Floral/Candy with Blonde & Black Hashish; Lemon Pepper Background
  • WEIGHT: Large Colas & Fine Yields
  • SATIVA/INDICA/RUDI RATIOS: Sativa Dominant 95%+ 
  • HARVEST OUTDOORS: Unknown but likely 1st week of November—in northern hemisphere 
  • GENERATION: F1 Hybrid (4-Way)
  • BREEDING STYLE: Normal/Regular seeds
  • SEXUAL RATIOS M/F: 50/50 Usually
  • STRETCH: 2.5x to 3x

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The (paternal P1) father is my Cherry Malawi; a hybrid of landrace Malawi I acquired from South Africa over a decade ago from “Tokestar”. And my old F3 Cherry Bomb out of Hawaii, also acquired over a decade ago. This male brings some serious resistances, vigor, and heartiness to the hybrid; along with massive resin production and high yields. Also, the Cherry Malawi is well known for creeper/intense potency with effects that last 4 hours easily and imparts exotic honeysuckle terpenes to the whole flavors and smells side of things.


The female KOS’s own Cindy Congo that I made over a decade ago. She is dominant along a few lines, dialing in intense potency, super exotic terpenes for smells and flavors, cuttings root like a dream, and she is actually easy to trim for wicked sativa. She has mostly candy and hash ranges in smells and flavors but can range to floral/red cream soda/cherry. 

Katanga Sativa Hybrid:

I want you to believe me when I tell you that this hybrid is not for the amateur. I’m really doing this mostly for the breeders out there and the super exotic sativa connoisseurs. This Katanga Sativa will be a treasure trove of genetics; and if you know sativas like I do, you know what some f2s of these could easily be like. The Katanga will have great strengths, and some real potent intense resin profiles. These f1s should be nice and blended but great percentages on high/intense potency, yields, and resin production. I chose my male and female genotypes here for many reasons.

 I can’t call the high-type, it should be less edgy than Cindy Congo, but I have no clue by how much; and small chances exist many phenotypes could be uber-edgy. But she will be wicked deadly potent if you grow her well, flower only clones of her in containers, and dry and cure her properly—she’ll be a trophy class connoisseur.

 Points to Consider Growing the Katanga Sativa Hybrid:

  • You will need some decent sativa skills with this one indoors—no bullshit—and like any vigorous wild child sativa she can get out of control fast. Make sure you have your plant bondage skills ready for her. Topped she can turn into a crazy huge medusa.
  • Don’t over-love her.
  • Outdoors she can get HUGE; so be ready for that. She should excel outdoors in moderate southern latitudes.
  • She’s shouldn’t be really fussy about much of anything, and will likely grow way too fast and be highly adaptable.
  • Only flower clones of her in containers, it makes a crazy difference. Seriously here folx, you will screw yourselves out of like 25% resin production here in my experience.



Please do not sprout these on a 24/0 photoperiod and KOS recommends a photoperiod of 16/8 for sprouting and until 30 days old Never use a 24/0 photoperiod. Always allow plants (clones are the same age that the seed plant would be no matter how many clones of clones) to get at least 60 days old from sprouting, before starting to flower, for maximum resin production. KOS always recommends organically growing our gear for the full appreciation of smells and flavors.


This cross is epic if you are a sativa connoisseur like I am. Make sure you take heed when I say you need some sativa skills here indoors particularly. For breeders’ the f2 generation of these should hold some wild ass phenotypes with very exotic and unique facets—fast and large and super potent sativa is one distinct possibility in the f2s; all f1s should be very high potency when done as I suggest, very intense high, so this hybrid isn’t like many “downstream” sativas that have lost a lot of their legendary punch. She’ll punch you good, and she’s very likely to be a creeper as well, so giver her 15 minutes after sampling the first time.


Breeder’s Note January 9, 2019: HOW I WOULD RUN THESE

I said above only run clones of her in containers, mega-difference in potency, so you will need to have some cloning skills on. Landrace/IBL Cultivar sativas normally do not take kindly to powerful doses of food, from teas or otherwise, unless you are hydroponically growing them. I would run these topped with fast bondage using long fuzzy pipe cleaners or green-tape. However, if you are vegging them under at least a 250-watt light, and you don’t start them too tall, you could easily SOG (Sea Of Green) these very well, they would likely adapt to 1 large ass cola morphology well.


Likewise, they will get wide topped, and they have some superhero stretching abilities when they want them. Keep humidity lower and heat up pretty warm. Under 400-watt lights, around mid to higher 80’s, I would use 3-gallon containers TLO Style; or, 4 – 5-gallon containers using bagged type soil mixes. No matter what soil you use, add some perlite to aerate. DO NOT TAKE THESE EARLY or you will be disappointed. A 30 day cure, and she will blow your mind.

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