KOS – Red Russian Skunk F2


  • NAME: Red Russian Skunk “F2”
  • BREEDER: KOS F2’d. Originally from Willits, CA, Private Breeder
  • GROWING/BREEDING STYLE: True Living Organics (TLO)
  • LINEAGE: Old School Haze (SEA) x Pure Indica Hashplant
  • YIELD/SIZE: Very Good Yields and Plants are Medium to Larger Size
  • FLOWERING TIME INDOORS: 63 – 70 days (depending upon personal palate)
  • SMELLS: Skunk-sour (road kill), Skunk-sweet (skunky funky feet and candy), Piney, and Acrid Body Odor; Variant dependent
  • FLAVORS: As Smells Above; (in the skunky sweet phenotypes the candy background/exhale is Lemon/Lime Starburst-ish)
  • STRETCH: 2.0x or Less
  • PHOTOPERIODS: Sprouting 16/8 (or 12/12 for first 10 days), Veg 18/6, Flowering 12/12
  • HARVEST OUTDOORS: Mid to Late October – Northern Hemisphere
  • BREEDING STYLE: Regular Seeds – Using Real Males


In 2013 I drove down to The Emerald Cup from my home along the Southern Oregon Coast. Some months before that time I had been in contact with an old growing buddy from my Northern Cali days. He had agreed to make me a trade. Some of his inbred Skunk seeds for some of my rare-ish seeds. Now I know this guy from about 40 years ago, we weren’t close buddies but we moved in the same circles and knew each other. Part of the agreement was that I don’t release any of the seeds I make from inbreeding them, commercially. I have kept my word. Recently, he told me it was alright to do so, and here we are.

Right up front I need to say that my experience with the first Skunk also goes back 40-ish years, so my memories of details about her are not uber crisp, LoL. I also know my old buddy was a notorious back-crosser, and liked plucking out recessives via backcrossing. He said he hadn’t backcrossed these, but I wonder a little bit about that, heh heh.

I don’t recall the Red Russian (Skunk) having any sweetness to her at all. I do recall the piney, and the dank body odor variants indeed. I have noticed some variants here in these do have a sweet side in the background. He may have outcrossed these, but I tend to trust him and he says he did not.

High Type:

The “classic” Hammer of the God’s cannabis strain here. She delivers an indica dominant uber potent thumping, with the long legs (length of effects) of heirloom sativa. Heavy and hard for several hours with a smooth slow come-down. Very debilitating and not a good idea when competence or brain power is required—no mathLoL. Excellent for rainy days at home, or exploring nature. Exceptional for simple artistic creativity, but again, overall competence is lowered, so complexity can be problematic.

Things like bike riding around a park or something is an awesome idea. However, riding in traffic, or mountain biking could end up badly due to that lack of attention, as you will be distracted easily. In light doses, say a couple hits for me, it is very cool to be social and go out and eat and/or have a couple beers. If you blaze say, a doobie, you—if you’re like me—won’t lean towards social activities.

Pretty powerful munchies, and good hardcore red-eye are the norm here with her. She has an added kind of electric side, no doubt from the SEA 18-week flowering Haze that was one of the original P1s as I understand it. They are all uniformly similar when it comes to effects/high, with the exception of some more electric than others. Morphology differs a bit with regard to axial pattern growth, and this is the main reason I suspect a little BXing went down, heh heh.


When this hybrid first popped up in Northern California I was in those parts on a seasonal basis. It was called Red Russian originally. As I understand it, she was created by some breeders growing her adjacent to the Russian River. Quickly, as her uber Skunk clones were grown outdoors around N. Cali (Humboldt/Mendo) she became known as Skunk, duh. Within that genotype’s (RR Skunk’s) terpene range has always been a very Piney type, and a serious sour Body Oder type along with Skunk types.

From 20 females I have grown from the original seeds I received, I have gotten 2 legit Road Kill type Skunk females. When I made these F2’s I used a single male—easy choice—and three different females. I used one Road Kill, one Piney, and one (barf me out) sour body-odor/funky-feet variant. However, I used 2 clones of the Road Kill female, and single clones of the other two. The chances for the Road Kill should be fairly good here in these F2s, however, not common.

The Road Kill variant tends to favor the classic Christmas Tree morphology. It sometimes seems to grow slower overall than siblings, but not to fear, she likes to build big roots and big buds. Spot on Road Kill Skunk terpenes/smells, no ifs ands or buts. Extra frosty as well. Back in the early 80’s this Road Kill Skunk was also highly mold resistant. I have not tested this thoroughly regarding mold yet, but my breeder plants (from original seeds I received) endured some fairly high humidity during flowering and showed no issues with any of the plants. However, any long IBL line (especially if BX’d), is normally not very mold resistant when it comes to outdoors in humid environments; like coastal.

A Special Offering for Breeders and Connoisseur Clone Hunters:

This variety is fully open for good clone hunting for those who know how to hunt. It’s really as simple as growing a few out and labeling them while saving clones of them. Select after harvest and smoking.

There are uber-deadly versions of all the terpene bandwidth as well. I would guesstimate from my experience and growers accounts that these seeds should spawn a truly epic female around 1:5 (1 in 6 females); and as you may or may not know, in reality those are some very good odds for an epic. I’m talking some serious “wheelchair weed” type power here, off the chain strong to the core. Generally speaking, as in most often, the smellier they are the more potent they are. No matter the variant.

The body-odor/funky-feet variants are strangely addictive—it’s hard to explain, you just have to try a couple and see what I mean LoL. It’s almost cat-pissy in its acrid/sour nature, very close. Whenever I let peeps smell this BO type variant, they always say “woah” and look at me like WTF? With a look kind of like they just ate a bad sunflower seed.

The Piney type can be a bit sweeter or Pine-Sol ish, the Piney girls are truly mind blowing in potency, maybe the most potent, but their yields are always quite a bit less (15% less or so overall). As a whole most of the females yield very well, yielding pretty classic Skunk looking buds. The Skunky and BO variants are most common. The Road Kill Skunk and Piney variants are less common, but still pretty good at about 1:5 females or so.

I cannot personally attest to the pure nature of this cannabis variety. I do have no reason not to trust my old professional acquaintance about these seeds. He has inbred them himself over 10 times, so things happen, per the breeder’s choices. When you backcross you normally throw a “monkey wrench” into the whole uniform morphology of offspring that follow. This is why I suspect he may have done this. But there are for sure real Skunk, real funk, and real Piney gems in here. Remember that uber-potency thang is a free-ranging expression within various morphologies; however, the Christmas Tree morphology is almost always (80% ish) uber potent and stinky; no matter what the terpene profile.

The Road Kill Skunk terpenes arise, in my experience, when the piney and the acrid body odor terpenes exist in certain ratios in the plant. Most of your females are killers no matter what. There are some (1 or 2 females out of 10 females) that have a little less resin production and will be less smelly, but still all good females, just good ass kickers, but most females are at least serious ass kickers.


She is a dream to grow, easy-peasy man. Most variants can be a lot like goldfish in a bowl, and will grow into their operating environment; regarding container size, water/food availability, and light intensity. I wouldn’t grow these outdoors along the coast unless in a greenhouse with humidity control; I wouldn’t grow any long IBL like that in fact.

Please do not sprout these on a 24/0 photoperiod, and KOS recommends 16/8 for sprouting and until 30 days old. Always allow plants to get at least 55 days old from sprouting, before starting to flower for maximum resin production. Sprout seeds in ambient temps of 72 – 85 deg. F. Obviously KOS always recommends organically growing our gear for the full appreciation of smells and flavors, among other reasons—cheers!

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