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Madness II (Iron Cindy x Cindy’s Madness f1)

Welcome to the Gamblers’ Table section of KOS. Here and there we sell untested varieties for a real cool deal, there’s really not a ton of risk here, but every once in awhile shit can go south.

Long ago a guy named SubRob had a killer sativa clone he would rave about all the time. I supplied him with some of my C99 seeds and he made a cross using one of my C99 males and it’s  called “Cindy’s Madness” and while I was making my Iron Cindy f2s I also had a couple of the Cindy’s Madness clones in the breeding tent, and the resulting offspring (Iron Cindy male x Cindy’s Madness) I call Madness II, and this is what we have here.

The mother of Madness II (Cindy’s Madness) was mind-bogglingly potent, seriously spacey and intense with almost sickeningly sweet smells and flavors. Her yields were what I would call average but her effects were stellar. The father (Iron Cindy) is a large yielding and devastatingly potent Haze type sativa hybrid.

The Madness II should go 10 weeks, likely large-ish yields, very potent and uber sweet and sour tasty. Now I haven’t seen any of these yet, I was just keeping them for the future, but I thought some of you may want to check these out, because could be pure golden herbs from heaven!

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