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NAME: Deep Chunk
BREEDER: Tom Hill / Inbred by KOS
LINE: Long Inbred Line of Afghanistan Hashplant
PHOTOPERIODS: Sprouting 16/8, Veg 18/6, Flowering 11.5/12.5
HARVEST OUTDOORS: First week of October in northern hemisphere


Deep Chunk by Kingdom Organic Seeds

I got these seeds originally about a decade ago from my buddy “Moonshine Man” (Jay) and he had gotten them from Tom Hill. I germinated 6 seeds, and ended up with 5 plants, 3 females and 2 males. I put these in an open blow pollination using both males and all three females. All these plants were strong and uber resinous as you would expect from this strain.

This strain is a very narcotic and hard hitting type, as one would expect from a pure blood indica. The yields are very large and just covered in resin, with a very fuel-like aroma and flavors. Likely an excellent pain killer for many people. Easy to grow, easy to trim, boom! I tested these seeds for viability basically right off the plants and got 90% so they are super viable for sure.

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6 reviews for KOS – Deep Chunk F5

  1. jim

    Outstanding smoke, the fan leaves leave you no doubt it’s an indica, extremely sturdy stalk, doesn’t bush out much. It would be great outdoors I’m sure.

  2. Chris (verified owner)

    Top notch…I grew some outside plants got between 4′ and 5′ tall…still waiting on yeild but it’s pretty high.. will buy more

  3. DANNY NOEL (verified owner)

    First time growing this strain. But it’s a good one. Love the way this looks. Beautiful plant. Can’t say how it smells, tastes or smokes yet, but will soon. still happening. Reminds me of the hash plant I use to grow years ago give another review later on. Nine seeds, 8 popped.
    Later from KY.

  4. Connor Collins

    Not sure I got the stars to work right, but I give 5/5. Been growing this strain for 2 years now, inside so I don’t let them get too tall. Love the pain relief effects.

  5. Hickory smoke

    I’ve grown deep chunk for years about 12 in the Colorado desert this plant does amazing I got the Rev deep chunk seeds and have grown them for 2 years . They are just like the Originals deep Indica genetics narcotic effects easy plants to grow if you know what you doing you can get a tremendous yield if you don’t know what you’re doing you get a great yield I will be buying some more seeds from the Kos soon I give them five stars

  6. DudeThatSweet (verified owner)

    Dropped five (tiny) seeds in water Jan 13, 22. All five popped and were planted as DC1 thru DC5. Grew them out 100 days TLO style before switch. I was hoping for a resinous male and ended with five females.
    DC1 is a different phenotype than the others. Its leaves are a bit longer and more narrow and wasn’t as aggressive during veg as the others; but yielded very well and had a piney smell on top of the stank.
    During flower of the seed plants it got too hot one day and heat stress caused DC1 and DC2 to throw a banana or two each. They had the strongest smell, resin output and largest weight so their clones were kept.
    The clones did not throw any bananas so I’m pretty sure I caused the early episode. Normal temps in my grow are about 72, that day the garden hit 100 for an hour or more.

    These were hearty plants, very easy to grow and only got cranky if I didn’t add Cal mag for a few water cycles. (I use RO)
    I’ll be keeping a clone of DC2 around, she is very resinous, shows aggressive growth, large yield and has a stank that will likely pair well with a haze.
    Five stars.

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