KOS – Cherry Thunderfuck


NAME: Cherry Thunderfuck  F2



LINEAGE: Cherry Bomb x Matanuska Valley Thunderfuck

YIELD/SIZE: Decent Yields


SMELLS: Fruity Sweet, Very Sweet Like Fruity Good ‘n Plenty Candy, Background Notes of Cream Soda

FLAVORS: So Fruity Sweet It is Almost Sickeningly Sweet and Very Addictive Flavor-Wise



PHOTOPERIODS: Sprouting 16/8 (or 12/12 for first 10 days), Veg 18/6, Flowering 12/12 

SATIVA/INDICA/RUDI RATIOS: About 80/20 Indica/Sativa, Very Indica Dominant

HARVEST OUTDOORS: 2nd Half of October – Northern Hemisphere 


BREEDING STYLE: Regular Seeds – Using Real Males – No Selfing, Reversing, or Femming Used Anywhere in KOS’ Breeding Philosophy

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Wowzerz! Cherry Thunderfuck baybee, and it’s every bit as spooky as it sounds. In the book by R.C. Clarke ‘Marijuana Botany’ he speaks about “creeper” varieties/strains of cannabis. He doesn’t mean creeper in the sense of how long it takes the effects of the resin to hit you, he is speaking about morphology. The original Matanuska Valley Thunderfuck has some of this morphology, and will tend to get wide, like horizontal if she is topped a couple of times. Axial branches—mostly the lower ones—will tend to shoot out sideways for quite aways before turning upwards again. This should be taken into consideration. I would not say this variety is great for beginners, but with fairly good skills you’ll have no worries.

The Cherry Thunderfuck is a stone-cold killer and will really send you into another dimension. Extremely potent, and not in that clear sativa kind of way. She packs a strong indica dominant punch. A couch locker that will have you drooling on your shoes. The legs on her are about 2 hours or so. Her flavors are intense, and complex as well with notes of cherries/vanilla/cream soda, and a super-pungent dose of dank, along with almost sickeningly sweet fruity candy. The smells and flavors are both very pronounced. She yields very decently indoors under powerful lighting, and outdoors she cranks bigtime as long as the environment is good. 


Male Breeder(s) Deets: The original P1 male I used in this cross was my Hawaiian Cherry Bomb (f3) that was a superior breeder with that almost “invisible” recombination tendency. He would bump up yields and resin production but otherwise would be mostly undetectable in the offspring generation. A very handy ability for this cross, keeping the Matanuska Thunderfuck mostly itself in the hybrid offspring. 

For this inbred f2 generation I selected a single superior (whorled) male Cherry Thunderfuck that was uber stinky and crazy vigorous with large floral size. Yup, exactly what I was hunting.

Female Breeder(s) Deets: The original P1 female used in this cross, the Matanuska Valley Thunderfuck (MTF) were sent to me in clone form (like almost 3 decades ago) quite expertly by an old growing buddy originally from Northern California around Fort Bragg in Mendo that relocated to Alaska. Seems way too cold for me but, okay …He sent me 6 cuttings, 3 of each phenotype he had, and he called these the A and B phenos. I ultimately kept and used the A phenotype as it seemed much heartier growing under my conditions. 

For this inbred f2 generation I selected 2 female Cherry Thunderfuck but ultimately only used 1 of these females. She was beyond smelly and literally glistens with resin, even from a distance. 

Growing Instructions

As I mentioned above at the top, she has that creeper thing happening, so be prepared to help support her if she needs it. She grows with pretty petite stem diameter, super good for smoking a bit of a hassle for growing. 

Please do not sprout these on a 24/0 photoperiod and KOS recommends 16/8 for sprouting and until 30 days old. Then switch to 18/6. Alternately…

Using a flowering photoperiod of 12/12 on sprouts for their first 10 days above ground, then switching them to an 18/6 photoperiod will allow you to easily sex them at 30 days of age—give or take 3 days

Always allow plants to get at least 55 days old from sprouting, before starting to flower for maximum resin production. Plants grown from seed work much better outdoors in the ground than clones do. Alternately, clones work much better in containers than plants from seeds do. Sprout seeds in ambient temps of 75 – 85 deg. F. Obviously KOS always recommends organically growing our gear in living soil for the full appreciation of smells and flavors, among many other reasons—cheers

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