KOS & The Dark Force

Hello everyone, Rev here, and I just wanted to let everyone know that I am at present involved in back to back breeding runs using some of the wonderful selections I have made from various varieties over the last year or so. So, stay tuned (and bookmark) to this site and check back about the first or second of every month to see what we will have available next, and when approx. Right now I am making (big fat hunnys all seeded up right now) some Dark Rhino 1947 and Dark Dragon seeds, using a phenomenal


male Dark Matter selected breeder, and pairing his traits up with my beloved Blue Rhino 1947 and the Boggle Dragon. We are going to have some special offers when these varieties are released, but they will be limited releases at those prices so jump on that for sure, if it blows your skirt up, heh heh.

I had to sprout some of my C99 recently, not for breeding with so much (though I will likely do another run of Cindy Black (Black Forrest x C99) for a very very special sativa (hammer) treat! But I mostly sprouted the C99 because I forget how truly awesome she is, so I will get awesome pictures and have some deadly Cindy 99 herbs to vape, and perhaps throw a bit of BForrest pollen on my favorite female(s). If you haven’t had C99 for awhile (or ever) maybe you should think about getting some, eh? 55 Days indoors on the nose, and outdoors she is all good as long as there are no mold issues as she does not handle mold too well. So make sure she is in a spot where she gets some airflow and trim her bottom axial branches so she has a couple feet of pure stem between the ground and her first lateral (axial) branches, and this will really help her air circulation throughout the plant.

Tune in next month for more news from the world of KOS! L8r G8rs…