The Darklings are Coming!

Here I sit with the chill of November upon me, but while my house stays kinda chilly, my garden rooms remain tropical paradises, and especially on the chilly black-poison-projectmornings I tend to spend a lot of time in them with my morning java. Greetings Earthlings and welcome to another edition of Rev‘s Rambles, I’m The Rev (Duh), and here comes the ramblings for November 2015, so buckle up!

The Iron Cindy F2sare looking stellar and I have a fine looking female I like a lot set to go into flowering here within a few weeks, I would seriously grab a pack or tw
o of these at an awesome price right now in the Breeders’ zone of this website—wiggling eyebrows—these have some epic recombinations and no bad recombos, I have no doubts!

KOS – “The Tombs” and “Coma Cluster” Hybrids
Iron Cindy (m) x Boggle Dragon = Coma Cluster …And, the Iron Cindy (m) x BR1947 =The Tombs. I just harvested these seed heavy mothers yesterday, so i
n a few weeks look for a chance to grab some of these upin the Gamblers’ Table section of this website for some limited and awesome deals on some of these beans, yessir, these are some bad ass prodigy here ladies and gentlemen. The IC x BR1947 (The Tombs) should be like the well known old KOS CBR1947 hybrid I made about a decade ago, only on steroids; don’t miss out on these, wow!


The Coma Cluster speaks for itself, and prepare for some heavy duty “drooling on your shoes” cannabis, that also have extraordinary yields.

The Darkling Sativa Project!
Well as I write this I am preparing to remove the Black Forrest male from that breeding tent within a couple of days max; a sativa lovers’ dream come true here, especially for those of you who like that real Cat Piss side of the coin, with stunning potency, seriously! I already made these a long time ago once and I called them “Cindy Black” so I already know they are ass kicking reality altering sativas that finish in about 10 weeks, so make sure and stay on top of things to grab some of these just down the road a bit.
Another one I am crossing at the same time as the BF x C99 will be the BF x Black D
urban and I am calling that one Black Poison, keeping “poison” in the name to reflect the care I have gone to in order to keep that early finish outdoors expression in a Homo state within the Black Durban; therefore it will tend to be fully dominant in these offspring, or perhaps in 75% of them. These will be a very limited release as I plan to work these further and deeper, but look for a chance in the Gamblers’ Table section in the near future. These are getting so close now!

The Black Durban has deep dark purple (almost black) calyxes you can see in the photo, this cross is sure to be something very special and I can’t wait to get s
ome of these beans in the ground and have a look very soon now.

Cheers & Salutationsdarkling-sativa-project-2

– REvski