The Breeders Bin

Okay, October is here and I am sad to see summertime fade away, as usual. Check out ‘The Breeders’ Bin’ for some cool deals on some F2 stock, seriously! Nice pickings here for some halfway decent selection skills—just sayin’ The Iron Cindy F2s are here in the Breeders’ section, so pay a visit!
Okay as you can see in one of the photos the male selected Iron Cindy (what a stud) is getting busy in the tent with the selected Limey Phenotype BR1947, and dark-dragon-teenagers-back-two-rowsselected Boggle Dragon, I call the ‘Bubblegum Phenotype’ as her smells and flavors are seriously bubblegummy and candy sweet. So I am going to call the cross between the IC x Boggle Dragon: Coma Cluster. I am calling the cross of the IC x BR1947: The Tombs. So watch for these coming up in the Gamblers’ Table section here at KOS pretty soon! Stellar F1 hybrids, I have no doubts.
The Darkling Sativa Project!
Oohh, another one that will be coming up in The Gamblers’ Table section here at KOS; Darkling Sativa, which is a cross between Black Forrest Sativa (m) x C99 and this one is sure to please all the fans out there for that true Cat Piss/Nag Champa Hazey flavors and smells, heavy on the Cat Piss side; with a mega punch of powerful sativas. At the time of this writing I am about one week away from putting the male Black Forrest in the breeding zone.
Black Poison
Another one I am crossing at the same time as the BF x C99 will be the BF x Black Durban and I am calling that one Black Poison, keeping “poison” in the name to reflect the care I have gone to in order to keep that early finish outdoors expression in a Homo state within the Black Durban; therefore it will tend to be fully dominant in these offspring, or perhaps in 75% of them. These will be a very limited release as I plan to work these further and deeper, but look for a chance in the Gamblers’ Table section in the near future.