Summer is Here!

Yeah baybee, summertime is here! I’m going to give you guys a killer recipe to make hash chocolates at the end of this ramble, so make sure to check it out because they are bad ass and easy as hell to make with dry sifted hash; and, did I mention, delicious! Okay, on to KOS stuff for June 2016:

dark-dragonFirst of all amigos, here’s a double secret probation link to a lot of KOS lines and I update these all the time so check back to see latest developments along with breeder’s notes etc.kos-c99 So bookmark this link…


The Black Poison f2s are just a couple of weeks away from the Gamblers’ Table, so if you knew what I know about this recombination, you would jump on some of those ASAP!
Dark Dragon and Coma Cluster are two super big producers just packed with dense resin. Uber potent and very tasty. If you are growing outdoors where humidity and moisture are a concern, I would highly recommend the Dark Dragon due to her outstanding outdoor capable floral morphology. Indoors I would go with the Coma Cluster, a powerhouse cropper style variety
packed with punch and flavor and days away from availability here at KOS.
Black Poison Skunk is also about to make it’s showing at The Gambler’s Table as well, and this highly exotic baybee is made using my female Red Russian Skunk; 3 individual females actually, and using a super stinky tough as nails and large yielding Black Poison male. Seriously, he smelled strongly!
Check it out, we here at KOS now take Bitcoins, yay! Also look to see the cool sales we have going on this month. Don’t forgetdark-dragon-indoor-flowers-400-watt-mh about all the oldies but goodies we have here at KOS too, like the Rusty Haze, Cap Peeler, C99, and Iron Cindy, seriously some good chit Maynard. For medical peeps, trying to alleviate pain, coma-cluster-at-25-daysespecially the type caused by nerve damage, give the Dark Rhino, or The Tombs a try, these both have awesome capabilities here in this area.
Cheers everyone, and have a kick ass June!.- REvski