Public Alert Broadcast!

coma-cluster-apical-budGreetings Earthlings, it’s time for another Rev’s Ramble about stuff and things happening in KOS world. I’m coming to you today from one of my favorite pubs in Coos Bay, Oregon; The Coney Station, and I’m having myself a little screwdriver while hidden back in a corner table, heh heh. Alright let’s get down to business, starting out with the latest regarding the Coma Cluster variety available here at KOS…
Coma Cluster
I got two pretty distinct phenotypes from the 5 females I chose my final two females from, so I took one of each pheno to flower and check out. Both phenos were pretty close, one smelled and tasted a little cotton candy like while the other was just very very dank smelling and tasting. Both my females had some intense potency, seriously, what I would call top-shelf stupid-weeds. No doing any math for sure while high on this one. Really a severe ass-kicker to the max. The yields are also very good and I got almost 3 ounces of prime (large flowers) buds from each of the 2.5-coma-cluster-apical-budfoot plants, after dried. So this baybee is for sure a very worthy contender for commercial applications along with personal gardens everywhere, so definitely check her out because she will treat you well—wink.
New Stuff I’m Checking Out
I have a couple varieties I just sprouted you can see in the photos. The Lemongrass Thai x Deep Chunk, and I also popped some pure Deep Chunk seeds as well. These are both from circa 2000 or so, and I got 3 of 6 LgT x DC and 5 of 6 DC to actually sprout. I didn’t make either of these so I’m pretty happy these old seeds were as viable as they were. So I’m going to inbreed the DC for sure, and while I am at it I will also cross the LgT x DC back to the DC; I won’t be selling any pure DC beans but I will release these hybrids that are sure to rock and roll with epic power!
I’m also looking forward to recombining some of the LgT x DC with my Kali Thai in the near future as well. Pretty soon now I will be bringing up some of my olden Cherry Hemmingway(Cherry Hemmy) I made a bazillion years ago, and I will be working some of these genes into my IBL Skunk line (Red Russian Skunk) along with the Deep Chunk; for those of you that don’t know, the Deep Chunk is a very olden IBL (inbred line) Afghanistan Hashplant (from Tom Hill) and basically a true blood deadly indica bomb from hell with huge yields.
 KOS Public Alert Broadcast
Hey so if anyone can give me some good photos and a good description of a KOS variety I can use I will send you a free pack of seeds of your choice! Here is a list of the varieties I need stuff for:
• Darkling Sativa
• Black Poison F2s
• Black Poison Skunk
Here’s the link for the template:
deep-chunk-tlo-sproutsOkay amigos, that’s about it for now, but stay tuned for my KOS Rev’s Ramble for next month
– REvski