Summer 2019 at KOS, June Sale Alert

Greetings my KOS connoisseur style amigos! Long time no Rev Rambling, heh heh. Just skip down to the sale part of ya wanna skip all my Rev Rambling, LoL. My standard operating procedure these days is to hunker down over the Winter months and grow just for buds, while selecting my favorite breeder plants, and over this Winter I grabbed a few, two of them are super wicked Durban Poison crosses to breed with. My good old Durban Black, Durban Poison x Black Russian, and I got a very Durban Poison dominant phenotype here to breed with that is both deadly potent and a very good yielder; it also retains a lot of that good ol’ Durban Poison high-type I loves dearly. The other killer Durban cross I grabbed is my Durban Black x Super Silver Haze. This selection isn’t a large yielding type, but decent, and I selected this one for the devastating potency punch she delivers along with strong smells and flavors of Fruit Striped Gum—yum!


Almost grabbed another DP/BR x SSH that finished in 7 weeks, same flavors potency and yields, however, she had some issues I didn’t want to breed into any genotype, she had issues with calcium, either processing, storing, or absorbing, I dunno , but it made for very brittle weak stems, because whenever calcium is messed with potassium automatically has issues as well. I had to cull her sadly; when plants have problems with a certain nutrient, that normally is a very dominant factor going forwards, so I kill kill kill … 7 weeks is awesome, but I deemed it unworthy of trying to “weed out” the calcium issue.


I also have a bad ass Cherry Thai female I will be breeding with here in another few weeks in fact. Very special Thai dominant lady here, selected down from 8 females. Got some super old old seeds in the ground right now as well, Blue Goo from 2005… I have no idea what this is but I put 3 stars on it back then. Most of my seeds are labeled fairly meticulously, but there are exceptions like that Blue Goo one. Also, I have (my last) several seeds of Champagne Thai in the ground, an old cross I made with an old buddy Zen Lunatic online. I sent him some of my Juicyfruit Thai pollen and he hit his clone only female Champagne Indica; a super old school pure blooded indica that is not like a Hashplant indica, more massive fat calyxes—think old-old NL #5, or Oasis (NL #2)—and super duper potent with massive resin production, super-high calyx to leaf ratio, and great big yields; very adapted to indoors growing and grows dreamy easy. A unique indica Champagne is indeed, with long legs and fast at 7.5 weeks; an anomaly in genotypes. So it isn’t lost in this hybrid Champagne Thai, a very exotic hybrid.



I haven’t even really been online lately, and I know my Rambles have been rare lately too. I’m super old holy hell, like 60—yikes, and when I dive deep into my genetic selection processes I kind of exist in my own little world where I feel I am “closer” to the plants, and can “feel” them when I’m near them. My girl always tells me I am part plant, that’s funny, but it might be true 😊 … In the background I have been trying to keep up with emails helping peeps out. I know that’s not the most efficient way to teach peeps stuff, but I just loves helping growers out when they are dead serious about all-natural growing.


I am trying to get some video skills on—tough when old peeps try and learn new skills hahahaha—so I can do some videos for KOS, and TLO, and SKUNK. I do most of my actual breeding in the summer months that way it’s warmer all around and my plants’ metabolisms are all up and kicking ass for massive seed production. So, I also tend to make a lot of dry sift/dry ice sift hash-balls during the Summer months, mmm mm good. Pretty soon here I should have some videos to share about growing cannabis, and cannabis related stuff, so stay tuned—yay!


The Sale Rev, Get to the June Sale…


Coma Cluster at 30% off until the end of June! Also, a 5-pack of C99 with every two packs purchased, even Gamblers packs count here, again, until the end of June 2019—get on this one man, that Coma Cluster is one of my favorite hybrid slammers, just deadly potent with elegant flavors and smells. Not super functional weeds, but super fun like uncontrolled laughter type. If you haven’t tried this one yet for reals you should do it now while the price is right! The Coma Cluster is also a very nice yielding plant, very nice like large weight per plant, and full of large colas.


The C99 is our own inbred line of C99 and I made it all purple about 5 years ago with a super lucky find of a purple C99 female with extra massive resin production. Yield on this one is not large, but it is are fine and dandy for a true connoisseur type; done in 8 weeks on the nose, super-duper stinky and tasty, like sweet overripe figs with a grape (purple induced) finish—delicious! This one is a real cult-classic and you might also fall under her spell if you try her. Out of 5 seeds you will almost certainly get at least 1 or 4 kick ass females.