KOS – Boggle Dragon F2

NAME: Boggle Dragon f2 hybrid
LINE: Bogglegum (male) x (KOS) Blue Dragon
WEIGHT: Very Large
HEIGHT: Stocky and Very Branchy
LEGS: 3+ Hours
FLOWERING TIME INDOORS: 58-65 days depending on taste & phenotype chosen
HARVEST OUTDOORS: Mid October in Northern Hemisphere
INDICA/SATIVA RATIO: Very Indica Dominant

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This beautiful gooey variety resulting from old school Bubblegum and Northern Lights #5 (from BOG) crossing with my own Blue Dragon. Blue Dragon is a selected Tibetan (Bhutan) cultivar hybridized with a circa 1999 Blue Rhino. The outcome is nothing less than jaw dropping and the smells and flavors will blow your mind. Strong ‘Bazooka Joe’ bubblegum and accents of Skittles and Fruit Striped Gum are to die for strong. She is tough as nails without any weaknesses and yields very large.

The potency is way way the hell up in the stratosphere and she is an absolute “Day Wrecker” type – don’t try doing any math once under her influence. While she is very relaxing and severely indica dominant, she is not a sleepy ride, on the contrary and she plasters a huge smile on your face and makes everything in the world seem alright (“golden as I describe it) for a time. Major ass kicker here so if you are a weekend smoker be warned, she be wicked and crippling strong if your tolerance is less than a daily smoker of killer herbs.

F2 INFO: In this F2 generation you will see some variation leaning Blue Dragon, or Bogglegum. The Tibetan, being the oldest and longest IBL in the bunch will likely stand out big in several of the recombinations. There are no known weaknesses within these breeders, and these F2 offspring were made using 2 individual males and two individual females. Phenotype hunters’ paradise here, and most offspring should be great to stellar, per the odds; given the paternal and maternal P1 breeding stock.


You should grow her organic style, or even better all-natural style for the best results possible. Other than that, she’s a snap to grow, piece of cake. Some whirled phenotypes are normal, about 1:5 females.

Always allow plants to get 55 days old from sprouting, before starting to flower for maximum resin production. KOS always recommends organically growing our gear for the full appreciation of smells and flavors.

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