KOS – Black Poison Skunk


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  • Breeder: Kingdom Organic Seeds (KOS)
  • Lineage: Black Poison x Red Russian Skunk
  • Lighting: MH/LED/T5
  • Recommended Growing Style: TLO (True Living Organics)
  • Photoperiods: Sprouting 16/8, Veg 18/6, Flowering 11.5/12.5
  • Yield: Large
  • Flowering Time Indoors: 63 – 70 days
  • Harvest Outdoors: Unknown but likely last week of October in Northern Hemisphere


The father (Black Poison) is a hybrid recombining my Black Forrest male and my Black Durban. A severely smelly and deadly variety with intensity for days… The mother is my Red Russian Skunk, a super olden (like olden from the early 80’s) inbred line of true Skunk with huge yields, fast finishing times and a devastating high-type. I do mean devastating too, this Skunk line along with being super skunk smelling and covered in resin, is also dumbfounding to both body and head.

This variety is sure to please most peeps in a big way with a big punch and large yields. The acrid cat piss smells of the Black Forrest combined with the super skunky terps of the Red Russian Skunk should make some of the smelliest cannabis you have ever grown; along with a ride that should be unforgettable in both power and legs

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2 reviews for KOS – Black Poison Skunk

  1. lowpro/neal

    Previously grew the Black Poison with great success.

    The Black Poison Skunk is a similar delight.
    I’d describe as less ‘edgy’ with longer legs. Smokes smooth even in a stone bowl.
    Trim makes lovely edibles.

    Mold free despite bud density on another cool wet spring, equatorial summer, damp fall.
    Chopped 1st week of Oct due to oncoming cold rain spell. But it was ready. I like the ‘snap’

    In a less stealthy, full sun patch, these things would be giant.

  2. Robar MI.

    I’ve been growing a very sativa pheno of the black poison skunk for over a year now. I only grow her inside but she does very well. Big and stretchy so your bondage skills must be on point but super nice smoke with pine cones running up the stem forming some nice colas. Her fans turn dark purple in the winter when my temps at night can get into low 60’s in the flower room when its real cold. She easily produces 4.5 – 5 oz. trimmed bud per 7 gal pot and I’ve gotten 7.5 trimmed, larf – free bud out of a 15 gal in the corner. She cranked right over and started growing toward the stronger light pushing other girls out of the way and effectively shading them out.

    She is a beautiful beast and is my daily smoke. Super functional and uplifting while also taking just the edge off my pain but leaving me able to work. No real munchies unless you are getting well medicated in the evening but they are manageable. During the day I’m busy and smoking her actually suppresses my appetite. Nice buzz and lasts a couple hours.

    Another old head I was smoking with a couple weeks ago smoked down a half a doob alone and said he was stoned 3 times in fifteen minutes. I know this old boy well and have for years and to hear the amazement in his voice still makes me chuckle. I sent him home with a sack and a rooted clone in a 1 gal pot. She is that worthy!

    I am very prone to anxiety/paranoia when smoking racy sativa. I get none of that from my BPS. As mentioned she is functional and motivating. Makes me want to get up and do things without much edginess.

    Skunk phenos that I grew had real hard nugget buds that formed nice sized cobs of dense couch lock smoke. Honestly it was a great night timer because it put me out but others liked it quite well.

    So in closing I’d like to thank the Rev for putting out this killer plant that has become my daily meds and an all time favorite.

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