Merry Christmas

Damn it’s getting cold here in southern Oregon, even along the coast where I am, yikes! However, I am somewhat of a cold-sissy, heh heh, and by design I am way more of a “desert rat” meant for high heat! Anyways, let’s get to some stuff, shall we?

We have 3 new sativa lovelies that were very recently released: Black Poison, Darkling Sativa, and Black Poison Skunk.

The Black Poison is an awesome and super exotic looking genotype, full of such dark purpling on the buds it looks like black striping. Not only that, but even though she goes until the first week of November outdoors in the northern hemisphere, she is essentially mold proof for both Powdery Mildew and Bud Rot, so hells yeah! The high is very soaring with a tad of confusion, especially if too much is smoked. She is also very much “Happy Weeds” as I call them, and put a big stupid grin on anyone’s face for hours.

The Darkling Sativa is a real connoisseurs’ treat indeed, with her dark South East Asian lineage she brings forth that bad ass Haze type to the table at just 10 weeks! Lots of very cat-piss phenotypes and some with fruity/candy backgrounds to them, just exquisite man. Now this one is deadly potent with some serious edgy intensity that will last for 3 or 4 hours; so if you are a person who tends to get a little paranoid on powerful sativas, you may want to avoid this baybee, heh heh.

The Black Poison Skunk is a super stoners’ love-bud! Real old school “underwater” type high, as I call it. Wonderful flavors, very potent, very! Also, wonderful skunky smelling phenotypes are fairly common; and, her yields are good. A really nice one here blending a ton of old school in the mix.

Willie Nelson, Cherry Hemmingway, and Big Mountain Blue

Here’s three genotypes I have up and running out of the ground now, and if I end up crossing the BMB with the WN look for “Blue Willie” from KOS, LoL. Are new website should be up and running here any day now, so also stay tuned for that. A big thank you to everyone, for making KOS a hit, and I know you will enjoy the many diverse offerings that are here and soon to come, cheers.