KOS – Dark Dragon


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  • Lineage: Dark Matter (m) x Boggle Dragon
  • Lighting: MH/LED/T5/Plasma
  • Recommended Growing Style: TLO (True Living Organics)
  • Yield: Very Large
  • Flowering Time Indoors: 68 -75 Days
  • Harvest Outdoors: Late October in Northern Hemispshere
  • Sativa/Indica/Rudi Ratios: 50/50 Sativa/Indica (approx)

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The Dark Matter male used in this cross is a hybrid of Rusty Haze x Cherry Thunderfuck. This variety is very hearty with quite unique flavors and smells with large yields. The high-type is one that can cause some paranoia, but to me the Dark Matter is full of “Dark Energy” with zero burnout and long legs and just a super fun ride.

The Boggle Dragon is BOG’s Bogglegum male crossed to my Blue Dragon selected female, BOG’s hybrid was an old NL #5 crossed to a Bubblegum and the Blue Dragon is Blue Rhino male crossed to a landrace Tibetan cultivar, my Tibetan Gold. I selected the Boggle Dragon female specifically to target the most awesome Tibetan high-type that runs dominant in the Dark Dragon hybrid.

The Dark Dragon works well topped or not and is one hell of a large yielding variety, she also has the most powerful strong smells of candied pink grapefruit which is also how she tastes, wow! A real gem here and her potency is extreme; a very good pick for commercial endeavors as she also grows easily, is highly resistant to stress, is super hearty and can get LARGE outdoors especially. Her flowers are large and long with impressive “bag appeal” as we used to say, so check this one out; connoisseur cannabis right here.

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2 reviews for KOS – Dark Dragon

  1. jermain

    Just as described grows very nice extremely adaptive it actually gets very dense under an hps,1000 tried it under a led1000 still good but not as dense. The flavor is amazing smells and taste of grapefruit this is my first strain grow on this sight and if all of them come out like this one did I’m for sure getting more method used TLO, follow instructions to the teeth if u want a good unique type of bud to show ur friends or family open this and let them smell the fruit baby wooooooo

  2. lowprofile

    Grew these strictly TLO outdoors in 2016. Out of ten seeds, we got 5 females, 4 survived floods, the droughts, some falling trees, ravenous deer, and about 2 weeks of rains with temps in the 80’s in October where it seemed like everything was turning to mold. My cucumbers and tomatoes practically dissolved from runaway mold/fungal issues.

    This I had a slight bit more mold trouble, but I think this was me rather than the strain.
    They were in a bit of a shadier area, we got a ton of rain in October; the buds were super dense, and again strapping them down sideways for stealth probably impeded the airflow. They kept getting bushier.
    Trimming the undergrowth, I could sit in the shade of the canopy.

    Excellent yield, delicious on cure, and great fun.
    Terrific high whether doobie, bong, or brownies.
    I’m not a vaper, just a stubborn old man.

    I love the legs on this, particularly on those looong summer daze.
    You can get lost in your chores, or hiking/biking, whatever.

    2 years later in the deep freeze, the quality is still there.

    I want to add when I was getting worried about what I thought were some nutrient/drought issues and reached out to Revski, he got right back to me with advice.

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