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  • NAME: Cherry Malawi f3
  • GROWING/BREEDING STYLE: True Living Organics (TLO)
  • LINE: Cherry Bomb x Red Malawi (sourced from South Africa)
  • LIGHTING: MH/LED/T5/Sunshine
  • PHOTOPERIODS: Sprouting 16/8, Veg 18/6, Flowering 11.5/12.5
  • WEIGHT: Large, to Very Large
  • FLOWERING TIME INDOORS: 70 – 75 days
  • SATIVA/INDICA/RUDI RATIOS: Sativa Dominant 90%
  • BREEDING METHOD: Normal/Regular   
  • MALE TO FEMALE RATIOS: About 50/50 
  • HARVEST OUTDOORS: Last half of October in northern hemisphere 
  • MEDICAL EFFECTS: (see breeder’s notes below) mood elevation, energy, munchies 

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The father is my olden Cherry Bomb f3 that was a hybrid of 3 Hawaiian sativas and a Cherry AK47. The Red Malawi I sourced over a decade ago from my old buddy in South Africa, named Tokestar. The yields are LARGE and decently dense, with real strong honeysuckle smells and flavors, with a cherry vanilla background to them; and a hint of lemon-pepper. Delicious, and very potent. Like many south African sativas this one will keep you very baked for several hours (like 4 hours) at least. The high is upward and not sleepy at all, with heavy munchies for sure, and like a muse for any creative outlets/pursuits. Excellent for socializing, or not. She really has no “edge” to her high-type; like SEA’s or many South American’s (sativa strains) tend to.

 This cross was made almost a decade ago, so I wanted to let some of these seeds go due to the fact that I have some extras laying around I should really offer to the public because this is some top shelf breeding stock, as well as heavenly for any true sativa aficionado/connoisseur. Serious old world cannabis genetic strengths lie here in these baybees


Please do not sprout these on a 24/0 photoperiod and KOS recommends 16/8 for sprouting and until 30 days old. Always allow plants to get at least 55 days old from sprouting, before starting to flower for maximum resin production. KOS always recommends organically growing our gear for the full appreciation of smells and flavors.

Like most old-world sativa dominant genetics, you do not want to over-love them to death. Overwatering is something she particularly does not dig. She can take high heat and is highly mold resistant outdoors if happy and healthy, but not so good with high humidity during flowering, outdoors. These seeds were stored pro-style and my buddy locally just popped 8 out of 10 in December of 2017. If using the paper towel method to germinate please use good bottled spring-water like Arrowhead brand; I recommend germinating in soil always, but both ways work.

BREEDERS NOTE Wednesday, June 6, 2018:

Due to my own experience with this hybrid and the large amount of positive feedback regarding the Cherry Malawi, I will tend to classify this one as a definite mood elevator for myself and many others. This doesn’t mean it will for certain elevate your moods, because different people react differently to any drug; however, that being said, a large majority of you I have heard from all agree about the ‘happiness’ that comes with the influences of Cherry Malawi.

BREEDERS NOTE F3 Cherry Malawi F3s Wednesday, June 6, 2018:

I had about 80 Cherry Malawi f2s that I had made and a few years ago. I brush pollinated a wicked female CMf1 I was running with some stored bad ass stud-muffin CMf1 male pollen that was over a year old – wow – so anyways… I have been running some here and there and I have such a crazy Fruit Loops & Blonde hashish smelling and tasting female right now that I am going to pollinate her starting in about a week. The male I selected is this female’s “twin brother” and I’m pretty good at spotting these. That means in about 8 weeks there will be some f3 Cherry Malawi that should be mostly stable, very unique, potency is intense, with smells and flavors suitable for canna-god connoisseurs.

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  1. Neal Miller (verified owner)

    Planted 2nd week of 100% germination outdoors, despite multiple cool weather days, in cups with my regular homebrew TLO starter mix.

    Into the ground 2nd week of June.

    Interestingly, one revealed male and blew 7/12/2020….

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