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Blue Matter (Dark Matter male x Blue Rhino 1947 f1)

Welcome to the Gamblers’ Table section of KOS. Here and there we sell untested varieties for a real cool deal, there’s really not a ton of risk here, but every once in awhile shit can go south.

Now here is a really trippy blend here amigos, and let me tell you why. When I brought up my BR1947 plants from seed, I got one of the small females, that is just resin soaked and much more potent than any other BR1947 phenotype, in my experience. This pheno of the BR1947 also has the strongest medical properties regarding her abilities to calm down nerve damage type spasms. But she doesn’t get very big, short and stocky with average yields and serious Blueberry flavors and smells.

The father is the Dark Matter, which is my Rusty Haze male x my Cherry Thunderfuck. This plant (Dark Matter) gets large and often imparts a Grape Crush type influence into fruity/berry flavored varieties it breeds with. So while this cross is essentially the same parental varieties as the KOS Dark Rhino, this one was made with a very special female and sure to deliver a unique connoisseur treat.

These will likely go 9 or 10 weeks, yields should be alright, smells and flavors should be off the hook, medical properties should be at full power, and she will fairly likely stay on the shorter more stacked side regarding morphology. So check out this special girl if you think she may be what the doctor ordered!


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